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How We Play!



First and foremost, we have fun!!! But wrapped in this wonderful word, is the values, ethos and current coaching techniques of different associations that most importantly include the RFU – you can't be an RFU member until you’re six years old, so we see our role as an vehicle for an introduction to the egg shaped ball and team sport all our coaches love!. We apply games and activities that exercise elements that include physical development, coordination, motor skills that are age appropriate. We aim to improve movement skills, increase confidence, balance individually and with their team, give challenges where needed and in the older age groups develop simple tactics for attacking and defending.




We dilute all this for our 2/4 years Rucker's, bearing in mind they are more sensitive and effected heavily by new life experience, highlighting what a positive impact sport could have on their lives, then in our 4/8 years sessions we ask a little more of the children, introducing healthy, sportsman like  competition (there are no league systems or tables for this age at Rugby Clubs, a concept we love, encouraging all abilities to stick to the sport)…..thus emphasising that happiness and laughter should come first! Obviously, there is no contact – under the RFU guidelines, the contact element is introduced at Under 9’s and really should be drip fed, so we concentrate on the concept of tag, without bringing them to actual game conditions. Thats a job for Rugby Clubs. So how do we do this? Well, you'd have to book in to find out! But Angelique & Jess are always approachable to talk you through the process, but learning cognitively is what we truly believe is the key to coaching success and happy ‘Little Ruckers’………so you ready to join our Rucker's Family?

We Love What We Do!


Sessions take place currently in;

* Plymouth

* Teignmouth

* Dawlish

* Newton Abbot

* Exeter


We work with and visit Schools, Nurseries, Fetes, Carnivals, Special Appearances, Recruitment Programmes for Rugby Clubs Plus so much more!

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