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How Little Ruckers Began ...

In March 2014, Jessica Veacock, Devon Girls Under 15’s coach, opened the doors to Little Rucker's Rugby Club® at Coombe Dean School in Plymstock. Inspired by her two small boys, she wanted to provide the opportunity to bring rugby for our smaller people to the city of Plymouth. By chance, in May 2014, a conversation with Angelique Aldworth, also mum of two children and active Teignmouth Rugby Club member, saw the two Rugby lovers joining forces, to spread the ‘Little Ruckers’ message along the South Coast of Devon. It seemed natural, to bring on board, experienced junior coach and Captain of TRFC, Colin Aldworth to assist Jessica and Angelique in a revamp and an ever evolving model that promotes Rugby, all its values and shows how immensely enjoyable it is to be part of a team!


By Autumn 2016, Little Rucker's Rugby Club® had transformed into a string of locations with approximately 650 children and around 25 coaches having benefited from the wonderful world of Rucker's! Their mission, to raise awareness of Rugby for smaller children, is being played out with affordable membership and a presence at many events……..the story goes on however, they are no where near finished……………….

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